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We Help Businesses Run at Peak Efficiency with Cost-Effective Commercial & Industrial Water Treatment Solutions

Hard water is HARD on your business. Extend equipment life, experience smoother processes, and produce better products with top-quality water treatment products backed by local, expert-trained technicians.

EcoWater Bowmanville serves many industries including the following:

Water treatment for agriculture
Water treatment for car washes
Car Washes
Water treatment for educational facilities
Educational Facilities
Water treatment for food & beverage
Food & Beverage
Water treatment for grocery stores
Grocery Stores
Water treatment for healthcare medical
Water treatment for hospitality hotel motels
Water treatment for industrial manufacturing
Water treatment for laundromats
Water treatment for multi-family units
Multi-Family Units
Well water treatment
Well Water
Water Stores Water Treatment
Water Stores

Commercial & Industrial Grade
Reverse Osmosis, Water Softening, Filtration, & Pro UV

Whether you own a small coffee shop, a busy car wash, or operate a multi-million-dollar healthcare facility, EcoWater Bowmanville has commercial & industrial solutions that fit your business, your budget, and your water quality needs. We look at YOUR individual water characteristics, plumbing, flow rates, water usage, budget and maintenance requirements and we provide you with the solution that meets YOUR needs.

What Makes us Different?

  • Guaranteed, No-Hassle Service Agreement
  • Regularly Scheduled Maintenance and Testing
  • Some Labor and Parts Included
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
Certified Water Specialist

What Services do we Offer?

  • Equipment installation
  • Equipment services
  • Granular activated carbon exchange
  • Catalytic carbon exchange
  • Facility operations & maintenance
  • Anion and cation exchange systems
  • Softeners, conditioners, & refiners
  • Sediment filtration
  • Carbon filters
  • Multimedia filters
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Ultraviolet light disinfection
  • Chlorine injection systems
  • pH adjustment systems
  • Retention & storage systems
Commercial water softener

What You’ll Love About Working With EcoWater Bowmanville


Scale Reduction

To prolong the life of boiler & cooling systems, steam production & humidification


Improved Efficiency

You’ll also enjoy decreased cost for many manufacturing and food/hospitality-based businesses


Spot-Free Rinses

Perfect for car washes, restaurants, hotels, and car dealerships


Expert, Local Technicians

You no longer have to wait for a long-distance rep to service your equipment. We live & work in here locally and are here to serve you

EcoWater proudly serves the following valued clients with commercial water treatment throughout Ontario

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Local Ontario Reviews

Jenny B
Jenny B
21:33 25 Feb 24
Great refill shop for RO & Alkaline water. Super clean store and friendly/ very helpful staff. It might not be their thing, but I would love it if they could offer spring water too!
Jennisa Nav
Jennisa Nav
20:24 12 Feb 24
I have been using this place for their alkaline water for almost a year now and I have had nothing but the best experience. I recommend them to all my friends and family and as long as I live in Bowmanville, I will continue my business with them. Thank you guys for being so kind, patient, and helpful!
daniel mccoy
daniel mccoy
15:28 12 Feb 24
I live in mississauga and have been using 2 local suppliers for my water, due to having to travel to bowmanville area for workand time restrictions I needed to find a local source. I found EcoWater Bowman through a google search and I am glad I did, not only are the staff fun and interactive but the quality of water is way better than I have been getting in the past. I am so happy to have found this place!
James Rivera
James Rivera
23:28 01 Aug 23
Amazing service and amazing water quality!!! Highly recommend to anyone would wants to invest in quality water. The prices are by far the best you can find anywhere, and a better option than bottled water.
Adam Newell
Adam Newell
22:09 14 Jul 23
Great product, fair prices, relatively small ecological footprint of their whole system, friendly staff. My only complaint is the hours. Several times I've been there before the closing time on the door and either found it closed, or, like today, argued through the door whether it was 4:58 or 5, and they're firm and unwavering in their reading of the clock.I suspect it's a complicated system to shut down and a pain to restart for one fill, but if that's the case, they should have the hours posted accordingly. Nothing but lovely people working there who want to get home, like the rest of us, but I've been there 10 minutes before closing with no sign of activity, so I try to get it in the morning, but especially Friday afternoons, with traffic, it is exceptionally frustrating to get there with minutes to spare only to be told it's later than it is and to come back tomorrow, which is a substantial round trip when you're out of town.I also think it should be posted that anyone drinking nothing but RO water should be taking a calcium and magnesium supplement to avoid losing minerals. They offer "akaline" water with minerals but I've yet to see anyone fill from that tap in the year plus I've been a customer. What the product is - "RO Water"- is clearly posted and they do make an effort to sell the alkaline water for drinking water, but I'm not sure anyone there is aware of the potential long term effects of drinking deionized water or how those effects are easy offset by taking cal-mag or similar w vitamin D. It's not scary-bad, but, over time, will contribute to things like osteoporosis.To be clear, my issues with this company are with the closing times being unforgiving (to say the least) but if you're looking for RO water with a very low waste system and excellent protocol for cleaning jugs (peroxide rinse), this is the place.
Elliot Zovighian
Elliot Zovighian
14:33 20 Jul 22
Been buying our water here since we moved to Bowmanville in 2013. Great water. Great place.
Goblin Con
Goblin Con
15:25 02 Jul 22
I've been filling water jugs at this location for upwards of 5+ years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.Their small team of staff is always welcoming, friendly and courteous; even as so far as helping to carry jugs to my vehicle for me (I usually bring 6-8 jugs) which is a huge boon.Other reviewers mention the hours of the establishment as a negative which I can see how it could be for a busy family either workwise or kidwise but once you learn their schedule, I found it fairly simple to round up my jugs on a saturday morning and go fetch some water (and other errands).
Sailing Sealight
Sailing Sealight
14:12 12 May 22
They tested my well water for free. Very friendly guy working at this location.
Brian Boyd
Brian Boyd
12:58 26 Mar 22
Polite people, great pricing, clean shop. I really like this place. But, the hours suck. Close at 5 on the weekday so you can't fill up after work and only open 9:30 until 3:30 Saturday - closed Sunday. My friendly suggestion would be to remain open until 6:30 during the week and 5 on Saturday. Gives a better window of time for those who work all day.Still a customer and always will be.. Cheers
Shawn Watkinson
Shawn Watkinson
14:05 08 Jul 21
Best place in Durham for water refills. The sort of place where they know you by name when you walk in. I couldn't go back to tap water after getting my water here.
21:47 25 Jun 21
Always a good experience....friendly and helpful each and every time. I come from Oshawa to fill up my jugs!!
Michael McFarlane
Michael McFarlane
14:52 09 Apr 21
Very helpful and pleasant staff.
Danielle Knapp
Danielle Knapp
00:55 18 Feb 21
Great Place to get water! Quick and Easy, staff is always friendly!
Virginia Gomes
Virginia Gomes
18:51 28 Oct 20
We moved to Bowmanville last year and we've been getting water from here ever since. After reading the reviews online and weighing other options, it seemed like the right choice. It's a very clean little facility and it's very easy to clean and refill the bottles. Staff are very friendly and the customer service is on point! You're greeted as soon as you walk in and if you need a hand with your bottles, they're more than happy to help! Which is always nice to see!
Matt Deleon
Matt Deleon
19:33 01 Sep 20
We are new in town and found Ecowater. Great service (by Dennis) and great prices. We’ll definitely be back!
Mike Coleman
Mike Coleman
16:38 15 Aug 20
They are being really good about social distance guidelines, are helpful, etc. I've only bought from them a few times, but will miss the place when we move
Jared Stender
Jared Stender
16:07 10 Dec 19
Great place for clean water go all the time
Del Thakar
Del Thakar
04:18 13 Jan 19
Friendly employee's at the store
karl taylor
karl taylor
12:30 16 May 18
Great people and service
Mike Soucie
Mike Soucie
12:16 19 Mar 18
Cleanest water you'll get. Great service, great prices.
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